Ten Tips To Do At Home

Here are some things you can and should do by yourself to keep your home cleaner - easily.

  • Rotate your area rugs every couple of months to keep the affects of foot traffic equal around the rug.
  • Baking soda is great to remove stubborn stains or clean the over. mix 1 part baking sofa, 3 parts warm water and get to work.
  • A wet dishwasher glove is great to picking up cat's hair. Try it out and you'll bee surprised.
  • Vacuum your rugs, carpet and upholstery every two weeks - and keep dirt from being embedded into between the fibers.
  • If you try to clean a stain yourself, always check it out on a small patch before, to see if it actually works. 
  • When dealing with water damage, start using a dehumidifier as soon as possible to get the moister out of the air.
  • Lemon juice works wonders on ink stains.
  • Foaming shaving cream works wonders on red wine stains.
  • From time to time, brush your carpets with a hand brush. you will be amazed at how many human and pet hairs are hiding on the surface.

And a extra tips for the ages -

  • Recruit your children from a young age to clean with. it could bond you together, teach them how to keep the house clean and give them a pleasant cleaning experience, not as a chore.
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