Rug Cleaning

Area rugs are unique items that gives something special to the room its in. It adds color to a simply decorated room and adds a personal touch to a house filled with ikea items or pottery barn items.

That's why it's important to maintain it properly. Without basic maintenance it could developed little tears, suffer from color discoloration or accumulate dirt that gets stuck between the rug's fibers.

Choosing the right cleaner for the job is the most important part. We offer you the right choice in Westchester.

Our Process 

First, we inspect the rug to see its current state. We look for what needs to be cleaned or repaired, and ask for its age, origin, materials and other factors that would influence the cleaning process.

Then, before the actual cleaning we do what is called 'dusting", so the dirt won't get stuck further inside the rug once it gets wet. Then we clean the rug using completely green and organic cleaning products and various cleaning methods, depends on the exact type of the rug.

Drying of the rug is the next step, which we do in a room designed just for that, complete with precise controlled climate.

We then proceed to do the final touch ups, making sure everything is as should be and that the rug looks perfect.

After a final inspection we deliver the rug stairt to your home, clean, fresh and beautiful once again. 

Tailor-Made Solution 

When approaching your rug, we always keep in mind its singularity, so every rug is cleaned the right way. Whether you own an antique piece that has been in the family for generations or a vintage imported rug, you can trust us to clean it thoroughly without harming the quality and texture.

Call us today to schedule your cleaning. Pickup and delivery of your area rug are 100% free!

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