Westchester Reliable & Expert Cleaning Services

Since 1999, Carpet Cleaning Westchester has been a leading carpet, rug and upholstery cleaner in the Westchester area with thousands of cleaned homes and satisfied customers.

When cleaning your carpet, the first thing we take into consideration is the health and safety of you and your loved ones, using only biodegradable non-toxic cleaning materials.

Trained & Experienced

Our highly trained professional technicians are equipped to deal with every situation - from the toughest stains to the most delicate materials.We adapt our cleaning process to each item, for better results.

Green & Chemicals Free

We use only 100% organic, non toxic, bio degradable cleaning materials. Our process highly effective, while being safe.We want to make sure that when we clean your house, ot stays clean, green and chemicals free.


Wall to wall clean that lasts much longer and does your carpet right


A tailor made solution foe each type of sofa and fabric


Use our knowledge and expertise to care for your precious area rug