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Upholstery Cleaning

A tailor made solution foe each type of sofa and fabric

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Our Customers Say
"Our sofas were dirty duo to many years of a large and active family using them - and you brought the colors back..."
Lou, Harrison

When we go looking for the perfect sofa for our home, we spend a lot of time, money and efforts to find the right piece.  We weigh possibilities, look at catalogs, run from one store to another until we settled on a choice.

And then... we let it go. Crumbs, spills and dust make it their home, as we eat, drink and throw at hand everything on our sofa.

Why not care for your sofa from time to time, to keep your initial investment and care alive?

Refresh Your Living Spaces

We offer to clean your upholstery with our expert cleaning services in Westchester.

Cleaning your sofa will not only make it much more comfortable to sit in, it will also bring back your living room into presentable shape and form, and refresh your entire living space.

You will able to to sit with your family and friends (or by yourself) and enjoy its new feel and look.

More then that, when we clean your sofa, we get rid of dust mites, germs an allergens, so it's also healthier and safer for everyone.

A Tailored Solution 

We fit a solution made for your sofa, according to it's brand, age, state, fabric and other considerations. It's important to do that carefully and thoroughly, so we get the best results.

And we show you those results before you pay a dime.

With our free cleaning test - taking a small patch of r your upholstery and cleaning it, so you see us in action before accepting our free estimate offer.

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