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Carpet Cleaning

Wall to wall clean that lasts much longer and does your carpet right

Rug Cleaning

Use our knowledge and expertise to care for your precious area rug

Upholstery Cleaning

A tailor made solution foe each type of sofa and fabric

Cleaning Tips

Useful tips for easy home care - keep it clean and safe

Our Customers Say
"Our sofas were dirty duo to many years of a large and active family using them - and you brought the colors back..."
Lou, Harrison

Here are some things you can and should do by yourself to keep your home cleaner - easily.

  • Rotate your area rugs every couple of months to keep the affects of foot traffic equal around the rug.
  • Baking soda is great to remove stubborn stains or clean the over. mix 1 part baking sofa, 3 parts warm water and get to work.
  • A wet dishwasher glove is great to picking up cat's hair. Try it out and you'll bee surprised.
  • Vacuum your rugs, carpet and upholstery every two weeks - and keep dirt from being embedded into between the fibers.
  • If you try to clean a stain yourself, always check it out on a small patch before, to see if it actually works. 
  • When dealing with water damage, start using a dehumidifier as soon as possible to get the moister out of the air.
  • Lemon juice works wonders on ink stains.
  • Foaming shaving cream works wonders on red wine stains.
  • From time to time, brush your carpets with a hand brush. you will be amazed at how many human and pet hairs are hiding on the surface.

And a extra tips for the ages -

  • Recruit your children from a young age to clean with. it could bond you together, teach them how to keep the house clean and give them a pleasant cleaning experience, not as a chore.
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